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The World's First Blockchain-based

Serverless Online Game Operating Technology

By providing the ability for many developers to simultaneously edit and produce a single world over the internet, it allows for unlimited creativity without being constrained by time and space.


It offers integrated features for easy and quick creation of imagined worlds, such as a high level of character transformation, liberal transformation of expressions that can range from a cartoon-like 2D animation to extreme realism, easy and convenient interactions and event set-up, easy use of prefabs with a variety of features, etc.


With real-time physical engines and robust network systems, you can create an attractive multi-play experience that many users can participate.


A highly Scalable and Multiverse Optimized Engine that Expresses Various Worlds

"Enabling multiple developers to collaboratively edit and create a unified world through the internet allows for the unleashing of limitless creativity without constraints of time and space.

Providing integrated features for easy and fast creation of imagined worlds, ranging from highly detailed character transformations to a cartoonish feel with 2D animation, seamless transitions between expressive styles, and convenient setup of interactions and events using diverse and feature-rich prefabs.

Supported by real-time physics engines and a robust network system, it enables an engaging multiplayer experience where numerous users can participate."

A Scalable and Social

Massively Multiplayer Online World on WEB3

An immense multiverse with numerous public metaverse, including the SF Metaverse, Fantasy Metaverse, Anime Metaverse, and more

Massively multiplayer online social world

Scalable space on web3 


Most intuitive and powerful game creation tool

The complete front-to-end solution of creating

true web3 game & content

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