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Best Salary

We hire you by increasing your value! Guarantee of higher salary than former employees when applying for a job as experienced personnel (Upon negotiation)

Physical training Support

Strength is life! To support employees with healthy bodies and minds, physical training expenses within the limit of 50,000 won per month are provided.

Work development expenses support

Work development expenses support.
There's no limit to learning! Support for work development expenses (academic classes) to foster global talent suitable for the global era.

Academic support

The employee's family is the company's family! Provides academic support from kindergarten to high school.

Congratulatory · Condolence Fund

A company that is with you when you are happy or sad! All executives and employees are paid vacation and subsidies during an event of congratulatory or condolence.

Childbirth incentives

Low birth rate is a problem for all of us! Incentives are provided to yourself and your spouse for giving birth.

Meals Provided

Provides lunch and dinner at cafeteria to recharge employees' morale.

Dress freely for work

Respect individual’s preference and style! You can go to work in a no-tie outfit.

Email application
If you want to join Diverse, please send your resume and career description directly to

The personnel team will contact you after reviewing it.

JobKorea application
DIVERSE is always publicly hiring on JobKorea. Please check the announcement and apply for a job you are interested in.

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