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Veteran developers with decades of diverse experience gathered to create a home for creation and innovation.
With high-quality game engine production technology and utilization of AI and core technology of the next-generation high-performance public blockchain platform, Diverse will grow into a new metaverse world of new technologies and robust ecosystem.

The World's First Blockchain-based

Serverless Online Game Operating Technology

A Scalable and Social

Massively Multiplayer Online World on WEB3

Our Project: Diverse

· Multiverse of Metaverse

· Web3.0 utilizing Blockchain Technology
· The Ultimate Gamer Creator Platform
· High-Quality Engine Tools for the Metaverse

PARTNERS of diverse


Bloom Technology is a specialized blockchain R&D company and is currently developing Locus Chain, the high-performance public blockchain platform.


CRETA is a company that licenses Diverse‘s game engine and blockchain convergence technology to provide a creator metaverse + NFT game service platform CRETA


Established in March 1995 CCR Inc is an online game company that created the Korean national game "Fortress 2 Blue," and "RF Online," a MMORPG, serviced to more than 50 countries around the world.


Since established in 2003, Blueside has developed “Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes(2005)”, “Ninety Nine Nights(2006)”, “Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of Doom(2008)” with unique technology and creativity.

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